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  暑假英語作文 篇1

  The longing summer vacation is approaching, it is the best part of the school year for me. I cannot let the holidays elapse meaninglessly, my vacation should be a phaseof harvest. The events in my plan should give me a sense of infinite potential.

  The following plan may reveal the intensity of my desire to travel, work and study in this vacation. In the first few days I want to climb Mount Hua Shan with several friends to refresh ourselves. Then I tend to visit relatives, senior school teachers and former classmates. Besides, to find out the best ways to cultivate my abilities, I will find a part time job and conduct some social investigation.

  In short, I want to do interesting things in the summer vacation. Whatever I do, the goal is the same: to get necessary experience, acquire knowledge and broaden my horizons. Though the six week vacation will pass away at lightning speed, its influence is bound to last long.




  暑假英語作文 篇2

  In the summer vacation is very meaningful for me, because I met a special "friend" -- the tortoise.

  The appearance of the tortoise is very silly, bravery, small, easily indented his head into the shell, but because of this, I like talking to it, what secret all tell it, the tortoise seems to understand. A few days to get along with down, our relationship has been very deep.

  Someone says: love is not necessarily have, also can be let go. Everyone has his own family, tortoise, too, so I decided to let the turtle go home. I took the decision to tell dad, dad said I was a sensible child, also promised to take the turtle home with me.

  Along the way, I firmly hold the tortoise and the turtle seemed to understand that we are about to separate, very good to lay in my arms. Dad and I found a very clean in the reservoir, where we are and the tortoise took a group photo, then put the turtle in the water. Looking at the turtle swam slowly to the water, my tears constantly supposed although there are countless heart loathe to give up, but love it should not let it go? I waved and said, "good-bye, tortoise, I wish you a speedy reunion with my family." Turtle swam for a while, and turned to head looked at us, and then swam to the bottom. My father and I you look at me, I see you, everyone laughed happily.

  Look, what a meaningful summer vacation!

  暑假英語作文 篇3

  The long and happy summer life is over, review this meaningful summer life, there are happy, sad, there are exciting moments ... ... the new semester is coming. We no longer with a happy mood to meet the summer vacation, but with a nervous mood to face the new semester.

  In this summer I put my summer vacation full of, this summer in addition to the teacher arranged the homework, I also read a lot of extracurricular books, enjoy a lot of knowledge, I also softer the previous study of knowledge, preview The contents of the new semester learned knowledge, well prepared, with a tense mood to meet this new semester.

  First of all, I have learned the knowledge I have learned in the fifth grade again, and I have done a lot of study on the knowledge points that I did not have before. Although in the holidays, my father advised me to rest, but I think learning is a very happy thing, I made a previously did not understand the subject, I feel very comfortable. If I do not learn a few hours a day, I will feel empty. Of course, I also have time to play.

  Then I started the happy journey in the book sea. A summer vacation, I got into the book of the ocean, looking for my happiness in the book. Throughout the summer vacation, I read a lot of books, borrowed from the library, bought from the bookstore, and found on the network, these books let me master a lot of classroom knowledge can not learn, let me happy Heart through the summer vacation. There are so many good books to accompany, my summer vacation is full and happy.

  暑假英語作文 篇4

  I went t the cuntrside t spend suer hlidas this ear. I lied green plants, clear rivers lvel aials there.I breathed the fresh air n the untain seties I went swiing in the river. I ept a diar ever da.

  I lied nt the scene f the cuntrside, 8ttt8.cals the peple there. I helped the t d far wr. I als helped the children in the neighburhd with their lessns. The children were interested in English. The were gd at reading writing, 8ttt8.cdid nt d well in listening speaing. I helped the iprve their listening speaing. Their parents thught highl f e. I realized that nwledge is greatl needed in the cuntrside.



  An unfrgettable thing during Suer vacatin

  It was a sunn da tda,when i gt up in the rning,i decided t see grandparents.s i t the bus gt there at nn,the were happ t see e,and i was ver happ,t.

  In the afternn, farther ased e t help hi water the plant,and i was happ t see the flwers siling in the wind.

  In a wrd,tda is a unfrgetive da.because i saw relatives helped peple.

  暑假英語作文 篇5


  I had an interesting summer vacation. Would you like to see it? Let me introduce to you how interesting my summer vacation is!


  I went to many places, such as the beautiful Maanling Forest Park, the beautiful Longhu Mountain, and the Jinhua Double Dragon Cave that Ye Shengtao visited. But these are not the most pleasant memories of my summer vacation.


  It was Saturday morning, I just woke up, saw my mother in a hurry, mouth called: "Im going to be late for work, you father and son help me wash clothes!" When I want to tell my mother that I cant wash, her back is far away from me. Father pretended not to hear and went on to sleep.


  Finally, I had to do it. I picked up the dirty clothes reluctantly, picked up soap and brushes, and washed them impatiently. Washing, a small bubble floating from my face, flashing colorful light. I showed a smile, because I learned to wash clothes, the sun from the window, shining on my face, it seems particularly brilliant.


  This is the most successful and happy summer vacation I have ever had!

  暑假英語作文 篇6

  My summer vacation of this year was very enjoyable。 I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays.It is very beautiful there。 there are green plants, clear rivers, lovely animals kind people。 i spent two weeks helping my grandfather do some farm work there.Iwrote down what happened in my diary every day。

  besides that,I helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons.I helped them read english improve their spoken english.Their parents thanked me for this。



  暑假英語作文 篇7

  One day during the summer vacation, my father and I agreed to play badminton, so we went to guolin park with badminton and racket.

  The scenery of the park is picturesque, there are colorful flowers, and some flowers are fragrant and beautiful. We came to a clearing and put the bag on the lawn. Starting to play, the father said, "take the ball in your left hand, take the beat in your right hand, and throw the ball gently at the beat of the ball and hit the ball towards the other." I can't serve at the beginning, also won't catch, serve as dad said practice is much more skilled practice, but the other ball back, I was a little bad. I was a little frustrated by this, but I thought: once you do something, you must do it well! So I trained again. I was able to catch my dad's ball very well, and my father praised me for saying that the more I played the better, I was so happy.



  暑假英語作文 篇8

  This year's summer vacation, we went to all sorts of family fun and interesting place to play, we went to one hundred and one building, Yuemei explore parks, high-speed rail museum … … to explore other fun and interesting place to play, I always feel happy time is too soon, this summer I had a very happy, so happy I will feel the light always goes quickly.

  I remember the summer of this year, our family has to Taipei, one hundred and one building, no elevator to the top floor, you can see Taipei, I feel like a big giant house like a toy house, a car is like toy house, people are like small ants as small, I find it very interesting.

  In addition, we have the whole family to explore the park Yuemei, where the big Oh! Let's play the Ferris wheel,

  Ferris wheel to a high place, then we play pirate ship, pirate ship from side to side is very exciting, we have to play like spin cup rides, the rides are fun, if not better supporting the handrails on the will always slide to slide, which I find very interesting, we have to play crown swing, this one is not very exciting recreational facilities, there is a slight rotation of the wind over time, this felt like the wind power Fans, however, it fans of nature, in addition to some of the fun and interesting recreational facilities, there are a lot of fun rides Oh!

  This year's summer vacation, our family in addition to one hundred and one to explore the building and park Yuemei play, as well as to explore the high-iron pipes to visit, explore the museum there are high-speed rail on high-speed rail all sorts of things are: the film shows, the fishermen game, driving high-speed rail game, why is the shape of three-legged iron-shaped principle … … and some other fun and interesting facilities, I explore the museum inside the high-speed rail learned a lot.

  Although I think this is a summer flies very fast, but this summer I went to many places to play, but also a lot of place to add a lot of knowledge, I one hundred and one in Taipei, Taipei City to see the building, but also Discovery Center of the High Speed Rail High Speed Rail to understand, and now have been opened, but I hope that one fine summer quickly approaching, you can go to visit and play the parts.

  暑假英語作文 篇9

  It was the first day of our summer holiday. All of us were very happy. Why? Because we have one months to do things we love to do. We are free.

  Although we have some homework. But we can finish them in several days. And the rest time we can make good use of. My god! We have been very tired after hard studying. In summer holidays I want to have full sleepand eat good food in order to replenish myself.

  Last but not the least I will have a good rest.

  暑假英語作文 篇10

  I enjoy summer vacation very much.

  Because summer vacation is the longest vacation of the year. We have more than fifty days to rest. Though it is very hot, we can either go to swim or stay in the air-conditioned room . In the evening, I like to go shopping with my friends.

  We can eat many things in summer, such as ice creams, watermelons, grapes, so on.In summer, I always go on a trip with my parents. It's a good chance for us to visit some nice interesting places.




  暑假英語作文 篇11

  This year. I want to have a happy summer holiday so I want to do some interesting things.


  I want to go the sea and I would like to swim in the sea.I want to play water with my parentsin the sea.


  I would like to visit my grandparents and eat much good food.


  I want to have a wonderful summer holiday this year.


  暑假英語作文 篇12

  Summer vacation, my father took me to the beach to play, before you go to, my father give I prepared a bathing suit and swimming laps, also said to prepare five bottles of screaming and a bucket, ready to scream and bucket is stem what of? I asked my father, father mysterious said: "you know the sea," said dad again the mysterious smile.

  Came to the beautiful beach, dad hurriedly put bottles and screaming bucket into the water, put the bottle screaming assigned me, sister, brother and mother. I has to open his mouth and ask dad, why do you want to give us scream bottle, who know dad didn't answer me, and my mouth was sprayed into a hard water. I suddenly see scream bottle fire down on dad card hurriedly dad is originally for me ha ha laugh, now he immediately closed his mouth, hurriedly picked up the sun umbrella block I fierce attack, a "war" broke out father not to be outdone, went the m word cut attack to me, because I have no protector, is dad played out of the water, body in addition to water or water. One side of the mother looked at the two of us, smiling from ear to ear, mouth has been Shouting: "back to hide, hide in the future,......" our family for a long time laughter echoed in the sand.

  A water fight made a lesson this time, anything can not be quiet.


  來到美麗的沙灘,爸爸連忙把尖叫瓶和水桶裝進水,把尖叫瓶分給我、姐姐,哥哥、媽媽。我張開嘴問爸爸,為什么要分給我們尖叫瓶,誰知道爸爸不但沒有回答我,還向我嘴里噴進了一股苦苦的海水。我頓時明白了尖叫瓶的道理連忙朝爸爸卡開火爸爸本來正為我的樣子哈哈大笑,現在他立馬閉上了嘴巴,連忙拿起太陽傘阻擋我猛烈的攻擊,一場“大戰”爆發了爸爸也不甘示弱,對我使出了米字斬攻擊,我因為沒有保護器,被爸爸打的落花流水,全身上下除了水還是水。一旁的媽媽看著我們倆,笑的合不攏嘴,嘴里一直喊著:“往后躲,往后躲…… ”我們一家人笑聲久久回蕩在沙灘上。


  暑假英語作文 篇13

  My holiday was good. I stayed at home for sometime. I went to Tianyi Square and bought same games. But one day, my monther, my younger brother and I went to Tianyi digital square to buy games. And I bought a new uniform in the evening. I'd like to have a glass of apple juice my monther bought it for me. I says, " Thanks a lot. " I bought some shoes. I want a pair of sports shoes. In the shop, the wonderful song added tour pleasure. I see the black shoes. my monther says, " There are beautiful !"

  I was happy that day, because I went to Tianyi Square and had a lot of fum.



  暑假英語作文 篇14

  Hello everyone my name is zhujiajian coagulation I read a grade semester has ended and now is a happy summer vacation!

  This summer vacation should be how? Well first tell me about my movement intend. Is learning to two bikes and badminton.

  Say again my summer class: Monday and Saturday morning to draw on Tuesday and Saturday nights learned weiqi Thursday and Friday morning to write early English school on Sunday. I plan to go swimming on Sunday afternoon.

  As for my summer vacation homework I also do more than half.

  I also hope the children can have a happy summer vacation.






  暑假英語作文 篇15

  Last summer,we go on trips.we went to Lan Zhou.we looked at the lan shan.we went to a lake with my mother and father.I played on the beach.I liked playing on the beach!

  This summer,I think we will go on a trip to Bei Jing.I will eat snacks and buy some clothes.we will go to the chang cheng.It is very very long.This is fun.I think we will go to the ocean.I will play on the beach.I will make a sand animal.I like Bei Jing.

  I like Lan Zhou,I like Bei Jing,I like summer holiday!

  暑假英語作文 篇16

  In the summer vacation, I made many, one of the most interesting thing is I went fishing with my father.

  One day in the summer vacation, I and dad after breakfast, came to the gan and fishing.

  I take out in advance to buy a good bait, wear on the hook, and threw the hook into the water. Just for a minute or two, and I saw buoy sinking, there must be a fish took. I hurriedly filed a fishing rod, saw a fish hook and sure enough, I hurried to catch the line, the hook from the fish's mouth out

  Still entered into with water in a bucket, and then wear good bait on the hook, threw it into the water, such as fish bait quietly.

  But, after a few minutes, there is still no fish bait, I have to sit still, want to lift hook, it is, dad talked: "fishing to be patient, it is can't catch fish." I hear the word of the father, continue to wait. But more than ten minutes passed, and still no fish bait. So dad told me to change a place to catch, but still no fish bait, how to return a responsibility? I mentioned a look, originally the bait has been eaten by the slippery fish, I have to replace bait, in a short time, a fish bait. I asked my father: "why just down the earthworm will cause the fish?" Dad replied, "just down the earthworms have a kind of smell, fish smelled the odor will know that there are food, can swim by..." Just when it comes to this, there is a fish bait. Unconsciously more at eleven o 'clock, it was time to go home for dinner, I saw a dozen of the bucket of fish was very happy! At noon to eat with his catch of fish, flattered.

  暑假英語作文 篇17

  I spent this summer vacation in quite a different way. I used to run about every day in previous summer vacations, but this summer vacation I simply could not afford to do so.

  I would soon be in the last year of my high-school education and would after graduation be up against the college entrance examinations. Though those examinations were still a year away, I had to start early to make myself well prepared by reviewing all those things I had learned at school and this summer vacation was the ideal time for me to do this.

  At first I was rather dismayed at the thought of this, but later I thought it was better this way because by working hard this summer I could count on endless happy summers to come.

  With this in mind I then set to work like anything and only occasionally went out for a change or did some physical. I was not at all bored by this kind of life, for I was sustained by a hope.

  暑假英語作文 篇18

  I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants, clear rivers lovely amimals there.I breathed the fresh air on the mountain sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day.

  I liked not the scene of the countryside, also the people there. I helped them to do farm work. I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English. They were good at reading writing,did not do well in listening speaking. I helped them improve their listening speaking. Their parents thought highly of me. I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.




  暑假英語作文 篇19

  At college, I missed my parents a lot. As the term was drawing to an end, I eagerly looked forward to going home. And I planned to do a thousand and one things during the vacation. Above all, I wanted to help my mother with housework. I also wished to read many hooks which my teachers had recommended. However, at home, my mother would never let me do anything. She completely deprived me of sharing her work.

  As soon as I opened a book to read,she would sit down beside me and ask me about all kinds of things at the college. To please her,I told her one thing after another,and soon I forgot all about books. Even when I was actually reading,she would, now and then,insist that I should eat an egg or drink a cup of tea. When I left home at the end of the vacation, not a thing in my plan had been carried out. But I felt very happy. I believed much more deeply than before in the old saying: Home, sweet home. There’s no place like home!

  暑假英語作文 篇20

  I found a temporary job during my summer vacation to deliver newspapersfromhouse to house.At first, I thought it very easy.But to my surprise, when I went to people’s houses, they looked me up and down. I could feel that they looked down upon me. I was badly hurt. I came to another house. A black dog jumped out suddenly. I was frightened and screamed with fear. But no one came to help me. At that time, I came to realize that delivering newspapers was not a easy thing. I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t.I tried my best to do the job better.

  From this unforgettable experience, I have learnt that if we put our heart into it, nothing is difficult and nothing is impossible. a memorable experience inadvertently open drawer, i also see that,frombroken can't remember a few years ago of usefu that is Primary 6 students of a number of school in the examination, the previous day, the teacher told us: “ students, this time examination paint, all will be to bring good pencil .” day evening, i review to very late, there are no packing for examination to take.The next morning, i open ones a look at,? is 7: 30! kasori, the examination to better late than never! i rush dressed, on the pencil, rubber, and so on a brain with schoolbags satoichi, on the race to the schools.

  to Ch'en i tozai a way out.Pencil, rubber, pen, feet ... huh?! missin with !,fromexamination only 5 minutes,? i schoolbags ts'ai everything and seated around asking in the hope of a ruler.However, the miracle bottom|go does not occur, bags, think about, on the ground done, nothing.Fiddlesticks, piteously, not with , paint Dougal what to do.

  Teachers have been holding comes in, and i Hankyu like skillets on karinca.Suddenly, i have heard me as a sound: “ What? to throw things? ” go back to a look at, do not know.The so-called shows, although i feel that he is not what free, or forget with in form him.He Tuma a will, said: “ i to you.” i'm wondering, suddenly see him to his new“ plastic ” sound on the teals, one stop gave me, said: “ to to use.” i received that sank, a surge of appreciationfromthe hearts of the rise, May i also not and what, in relation to, start the examination, i too, start anxiously additional, with that truncated feet carefully painted Figure ... 5db once again sounded, examination to anend.i long to consumers.i had, he would like to say, but do not know what he seems to understand what i thought, laugh, said: “ not Hsieh, mutual help should be, that,fromon your.”, he picked things away.Looking to leave the back and look at the Look in the hands of the , aritane not feeling.

  暑假英語作文 篇21

  Beside me during the summer vacation happen a lot of fun, I will tell you. It is one thing: that morning, my brother and I go to the river, the river while it is cloudy, but there are many fish in the water in the river in the water to swim freely, at this moment, I suddenly saw a black small fish, a look at carefully, turned out to be a loach, I found that after hurriedly turned to tell brother said: "brother, this has a loach"! Brother said: "which?" I pointed out to the elder brother a look, but the cunning loach escaped, although let the loach escaped, but we are not have no harvest, the two of us were caught four grouper, that's we paid only then put these little guys.

  My summer vacation life is almost over, I also really a little loathe to give up, in this the rest of the short time I have tried to review the knowledge of the fourth grade, to meet the test of a new semester.



  暑假英語作文 篇22

  I think this summer I am very happy, because I had a long time: every day at five o 'clock in the afternoon mum and I swim together, sister-in-law bought me two toys, remote control cars, robot, two I like it.

  I'm not happy is my mother often criticize me, because I am not obedient, poorly words dictation, homework also drag, I later to write quickly and well, don't let mother angry, also let yourself a little progress.

  In fact, I have a little secret: I like to play video games, but can I don't know how to play, because playing for a long time will damage the eyes, also have an impact on learning.

  This summer vacation I harvest a lot, I can swim, can speak some English, I will also do some rice. I learn not only to make progress, but also want to do my mother's little helper, help her do the housework, I feel she is very hard every day.





  暑假英語作文 篇23

  I went to the countryside to spend my summer holidays this year. I liked green plants, clear rivers lovely amimals there.

  I breathed the fresh air on the mountain sometimes I went swimming in the river. I kept a diary every day.

  I liked not the scene of the

  countryside, 8ttt8.comalso the people there. I helped them to do farm work. I also helped the children in the neighbourhood with their lessons. The children were interested in English.

  They were good at reading writing, 8ttt8.comdid not do well in listening speaking. I helped them improve their listening speaking.

  Their parents thought highly of me.

  I realized that knowledge is greatly needed in the countryside.

  暑假英語作文 篇24

  Summer time a flash, again, the students went home, gladly I also started my summer vacation life.

  The summer holiday, I had a wonderful time. Summer vacation some time ago I went to the hometown, where I saw us the eldest of three brothers, we are together reading, playing games, playing, fishing, can be happy. I also found the brother elder sister, brothers and sisters and also swim, ride a bike...

  The summer vacation back, has been more than 10 days. But I also didn't forget my second plan to learn taekwondo. When I was learning also made a good friend, he is better than me, the mind is better than me, physical fitness is better than me, ligament is better than me, learn anything fast. So I am going to learn a lot from him, I also very happy to play with him. I learned a lot of things, such as: strike (, three approaches, four self...

  Play is play enough, these days is to catch up with homework. With the help of my mother, I wrote several composition, it to a published the first model essay net!

  Flies, summer vacation, my summer vacation is over.






  暑假英語作文 篇25

  We have just finished our military training.I have to admit that I have so much feelings to express! This has been the first time for me to get in touch with my new doubt it has left a good impression in my mind.It has a beautiful scenery and a good environment for study as well,especially equipped with many advanced facilities. I feel very happy to study here.

  During the training period,I had experienced a great hardship due to the hot weather and severe trainers.With time passed by,I gradually adapted to everything and felt myself much more strong to the hardship we faced.Furthermore, there was a lot of fun during the training. I has enjoyed a good relationship with my new classmates.

  Now that the training is over, I still have learned a lot which can benefit my life in the future. I cant wait any more to start my new life in high school.

  暑假英語作文 篇26

  Today, is the first day of the holiday, we are looking forward to already a long time vacation is finally here, said goodbye to the nervous a semester of study, finally can easily take a rest, sleep a lie-in.

  I was unconscious of a ray of sunshine in my bedroom. "Ah --" I awoke from a dream with a yawn. Stretch your waist and open your eyes. The lazy clothes, the slouched look. After the meal, help mother to bring down the tableware, leaning against the wall to see "pleasant goat and Wolffy".

  I heard the noisy outside, I go out on see, is my aunt in gansu province to the original, with her baby and niuniu, the baby was in first grade, than go has grown by a large margin, as for the cute little niuniu, was the first time I see, I come back to the spirits, hurriedly they come in, please sit down.

  When he sat down, the cow was so restless that he jumped and hopped in a short while, and then he played hide-and-seek with me. Playing playing with his backwards, accidentally fell on the pot, to a "sun", "oh, little niuniu, you want to take a shower bath also don't hurry! Has come, I take you to take a bath." The little cow was not safe in the bath, and he made me water. I had to let my aunt wash him.

  When the sun was not aware of it, my aunt took them home, too, and I had a happy first day.

  暑假英語作文 篇27

  Last summer holiday, my father and mother took me to the east hill and xiamen to spend a memorable summer vacation.

  We took a bus to the east hill, and we saw a vast expanse of sea and beautiful beaches. The most interesting or famous scenic spot?? FengDongShi. Legend has it that when the wind blows, the stone on the other rock will be shaken, but it will be impossible for several people to push it. My parents and I tried to push it, too. It was amazing!

  In the afternoon, my parents and I went to the seaside. We pile in the sand castle, a water fight on the beach, watching the blue sea and the vast sky, I can't help but think of an ancient Chinese poet write verse: "the sea life bright moon, tianya" at this time.

  The next day, we moved to xiamen. The tall, stately buildings are amazing, and the streets are clean and spacious. In the afternoon, my mom and dad took me to the amusement park, water park. There are all kinds of exciting entertainment, such as carousel, flying saucer, ferris wheel, pirate ship and so on. We played for a long time until we enjoyed it.

  In the end, I left xiamen and ended my happy trip to xiamen. This summer vacation is really unforgettable!

  暑假英語作文 篇28

  As the last day the bell rang, means as before and play with us, together with classmates in class and the hard education we, and friendly teacher goodbye, also means that we ended our year four grade life, to live in the summer vacation.

  Summer vacation, for some students, it is summer vacation homework quickly, and then finish the teacher assigned homework quickly too, the last leave time for yourself to the fullest play, in fact, summer vacation so long, we can learn some extra-curricular knowledge, but, don't be too boring summer vacation, and we also can give the body in the process of learning a vacation, relax, wash to study fatigue.

  There are so many interesting things that happen to me during the summer vacation. I will tell you about them. It is one thing: that morning, my brother and I go to the river, the river while it is cloudy, but there are many fish in the water in the river in the water to swim freely, at this moment, I suddenly saw a black small fish, a look at carefully, turned out to be a loach, I found that after hurriedly turned to tell brother said: "brother, this has a loach"! The brother said, "where?" I pointed out to the elder brother a look, but the cunning loach escaped, although let the loach escaped, but we are not have no harvest, the two of us were caught four grouper, that's we paid only then put these little guys.

  My summer vacation life is almost over, I also really a little loathe to give up, in this the rest of the short time I have tried to review the knowledge of the fourth grade, to meet the test of a new semester.

  暑假英語作文 篇29

  Summer vacation is here, but what about summer vacation? I think I want to do something different, but I don't know where to start and where to end... Maybe it didn't start, it didn't end. Summer vacation is so, and so is life.

  It's a bit tedious to stay at home and do my homework, but I don't think I can do anything other than reading or watching TV. In just 10 days, we finished our homework! Amazing! My summer vacation is a breath of air, but still "closed door to study", alas, bad luck! Playing basketball is my indispensable in the summer sports, each time to Kowloon activity center to play basketball, there is always a lot of people in the play, I can always play a few games with the master, I though a bit redundant, but each time the technology will grow.

  Watching day by day, and only listening to mom and dad's words every day, is boring. You can only play with books and play and have very little time to play. Ah, my summer vacation is really a "cup"!

  Every time I naughty, my dad always said to me: "what's there to do ah, now grown up have a plenty of time to play, such as your main purpose is to learn, now you know!" I don't know what my future is like. Although these are unknown, I still believe that the song "my future is not a dream"... I will move towards my future!

  暑假英語作文 篇30

  The holidays are colorful, and during the holidays, everyone has to do something different.

  In some cases. It will be fun to be with friends and family. But sometimes it can be painful, too, although it's a vacation, but it's a cold day for homework and lessons. The parents always said that we would not want to study any more. Parents we know that you are good for us, but also let us have our own time and let us have a good holiday.

  The holiday is a double-edged sword, the bad side also has the good side, in fact as long as we will enrich the life, the reasonable arrangement time, the holiday is also happy.

  We also need to learn and enrich ourselves during the vacation. Read some books and check the Internet for useful information. But sometimes they play games, talk, and reward themselves. Note: students must not be addicted to online games during the holidays, which is bad for our physical and mental health.

  Live your life by your own. Every day is a new beginning, and a new day is a new one. The old saying goes, "the plan of the year is in the spring, the day is in the morning." Every morning, be confident in yourself and show your energy, ability, and youthful charm. We need to have faith in ourselves and believe that we are the best. We can shoulder the burden of building the motherland, which is a long-term goal. We are the future of our country, the hope of our nation. We should learn to arm our minds with knowledge.

  The New Year, the new weather, let us be in the flower season of the cow to soar.

  暑假英語作文 篇31

  During the summer vacation, I did a very meaningful thing, which is to wash the dishes for my mother.

  One day at noon, my mother asked me to do the dishes. This is my first time washing dishes. First turn on the cloth and trash can I get a table, put away the rice and vegetables into the trash can, then, in a pan, half pot of water, on the hearth burning hot, then put the washing dishes in the pot, put the pot on the sink. Finally, fill another pool with water and drop a drop of detergent and start washing the dishes.

  I hold a bowl in one hand and a rag in the other, and the dishcloth will hold the bowl and turn right twice. That way you can wash each side! Washing the dishes and washing dishes, the same thing as washing the chopsticks, is to line up the chopsticks first, then rub together, and then wash and wash the whole thing in a pool full of water.

  Washing to the last bowl, I thought of a song: "wash and brush and brush..." So I wash and sing, and suddenly, I accidentally drop the bowl on the ground, "snap!" The bowl broke. My mother heard me, and immediately came to the kitchen and saw that I was picking up the pieces. As a result, my hand was cut and bleeding, and my mother hastened to give me my band-aids. "I'll do the rest," she said. And I was determined to wash it. My mother agreed, and I put all the dishes in the cupboard and the basket, and cleaned the kitchen table and the table with a clean cloth. The washing up is over.

  Ah! It turns out that washing the dishes isn't easy either!

  暑假英語作文 篇32

  Today, we played an interesting game: "teachers and classmates", which made me feel the hard work of being a teacher.

  In the yard, I'm in fifth grade, and most of the rest are in fourth grade. Because I didn't send a book, I had to worship my teacher.

  I brought from home four grade textbooks, with a few friends came to a empty classroom, let friends sat on the stool, his serious, strode up to the platform, cleared his throat, shout: "a class!" "Good teacher! "Shouted my" students ". I went on to say, "today we're going to learn lesson 15, little lion elsa, I'll read the text first..." The "classmates" listen carefully.

  When I had asked, I said, "what does it say about meng jing, 'he can't leave me for a moment'?" She said: "it means that it can't leave me." "Yes, we can say 'attachment'. "Wang qianqian, do you say that the one that best shows me and elsa is that?" I handed her the book and she looked at it for a while and said, "full text." "No, the fourth natural paragraph." "Why? "Well... I was speechless. I didn't know how to answer such a simple question, and I had to make a fool of myself in front of my "student".

  Before it was dark, I had to leave the classroom.

  Alas! When teachers are hard, we should respect our teachers.







  暑假英語作文 篇33

  Summer vacation life has quietly come to our side, when I saw the students throw rubbish casually, I will be thinking, why so much rubbish around us? It is because these people are not protecting the planet, protecting the ecology and protecting the environment. If we use litter as a habit, our beautiful city will always be a haze.

  When we're traveling, don't litter. See aunt of painstaking cleaners, cleaning for us, they are in the middle of the broad road of meticulous, work hard to help us build a better living environment, especially those who drive, don't go to trash outside the window.

  You trash it doesn't matter, but, but the cleaners aunt risked his life in the middle of the road to traffic to pick up the garbage, looking at their hard work under the hot sun back, my heart involuntarily aunt of the hard up the heart of admiration. So we must protect the environment, low-carbon life. Why is that?

  Because our earth needs us to love, let us start from the small things around us, cherish the resources, make our life better!

  One day during the summer vacation, my mother went to work. I was alone at home and wanted to help my mother with the housework. Sweep the floor, mop the floor, wipe the table, and get the water. I finally found out how hard the cleaning ladies worked, and we kept making the garbage. Protect the environment, from me, to make every citizen a good habit of protecting the environment.

  Labor is the most glorious, "he" is not shameful, also not ashamed, just see you willing to do. Students, and ordinary and extraordinary only one step away, starts from me, from our side every detail, let you and I together, together create a low carbon life.

  暑假英語作文 篇34

  It was a night without a moon without a moon, and I lay in bed looking at the endless black, but I didn't expect that the summer night would be so deep. I hurried into the house, still a black one, and I realized that my mother still hadn't come back.

  I want the corridor lights up toward the stairs, I carefully touch has already started to switch the skin aging, when the lights light up, I immediately thought of my mother. Remembering the countless dark nights, my mother turned on the lamp and lit the darkness. In her cognitive world, this orange lamp can convey warmth and hope to me.

  So tonight, when you see this bright spot, mom, will you feel warm and will make me your eyes.

  It was too late. Mom didn't come back. I went downstairs and left the light.

  Once I DiaoXun said to mom, we that floor lights, bold, property to add took that day, mom said nothing, still canthus wrinkles so manifest.

  The light, always on, seemed to me an indispensable thing in life, a happy thing. Mom always lights up, it is not for the night, I don't know when I saw the light, in the heart is warm or happiness, melancholy or touched, I only know that in the future, I will be mother lit the lamp, become her eye, let you of the wrinkles of canthus.

  Mom still didn't come back, I went on down. At this time, I am very happy, on the path that I grew up, there was a lamp burning continuously, warm me all the time.

  My mother had not yet come back, and I went on, and on my path of growth, there was a lamp, always bright, and warm me all the time.

  Mother is old, I grow up, and the light is on. I looked up at the light, so high, so far, and then the long black road to my feet. This road, my mother and I passed by, a warm light on the road guiding our way forward. Maybe in a long, long time, I overlooked her light; I can't remember the light from the far, far away, but I know that, here, I wait for my mother to light the lamp for her.

  Was a finely in the footsteps of the body, must be her, I turned around and, sure enough that I expected, mom is coming, we greet the walked to the ray of light, it seemed to be guided us, it seems to predict I will be your eyes.

  The light is too bright, mama said. I laughed, and I used to say that, too.

  暑假英語作文 篇35

  Summer vacation is a time of vigorous and vigorous development.

  The playground of the first semester of the festival was reshaped during the summer vacation. Two months not to patronize, desperately trying to grow the playground in the middle of the grass, high standing and freely open hard, mixed and disorderly and vitality, Chinese wild grass flavor is so powerful to jump into your nose, uneven weed is so powerful to occupy your field of vision. They're all Shouting, that's the power of summer, and that's the wild thing about life. Yes, that's another flavor of summer vacation -- the shock of the heat.

  Summer vacation is full of beer and barbecues. For sunrises, the summer evenings are especially precious, and summer nights are especially lively. Invite a few friends over, going to the open-air beer square, beer, point a few, to a big bunch of barbecue, shirtless, suit sven, swirl, besides meat, put the heat in the summer between volatile in draft beer foam, keep the summer comfortable in hand to touch up the pot-bellied capsule. Only hate night too hastily, fleeting cool and refreshing, even artificially held up late again later again, the early the next day the sun is always spare no effort to light up every morning sleep a greedy person.

  Summer vacation, for most people, is just like the ordinary day, it belongs to some people. But the summer heat, the taste of summer, the struggle of summer, is something that everyone can't avoid and cannot escape. At the same time, there are feelings there should be "the documentary", this also is rich and colorful summer vacation to add a stroke shallow light laugh laugh corners of the mouth.





  暑假英語作文 篇36

  During the summer vacation, my parents and I went to the north sea. This is my mom and dad out of town for the first time, I feel very happy. The north sea beautiful scenery also left a deep impression on me.

  The first day morning, we first visited the window of the oceans. Here, I saw the clown fish. The clown fish really ugly, not only the body is small, and the whole body is black, it is no wonder that it took for the name. We also saw the sea turtles in a pool of water. The turtle body fat, small head, back as my uncle's home the tortoise shell. Pool there are a lot of people watching, I also see someone beside you buy white leaves to feed turtles. See his white leaves in the water, the turtle just bit to white leaves, so the man took up white leaves, can't see turtles eat white leaves and head into the water. Dad told me that the turtle is the oldest animals in the world.

  In the afternoon, we came to beihai silver beach again. Silver beach sand is white like silver, has just set foot on the beach is yao our eyes. Soft sand on the feet, very comfortable. A sea of people on the beach. We chose a place to put things down, the mother is responsible for the care of things, I went with my dad in a bathing suit swimming. I take dad hand carefully, to the sea, the sea almost over my knee, I crouched down. Suddenly, a burst of the waves coming, my mouth is full of water, salted the shit out of me! I break the hand of the father said: "I don't swim!" Then I went to the shore to pick up shells. We stayed in silver beach for an afternoon, I was in the dark, dark tan. Mother said: "it doesn't matter, the sunshine is good for health."

  暑假英語作文 篇37

  Time like running water, quietly walked around us. Yes, time flies like an arrow, the sun is like a boat, glance left and right of the summer vacation has finally arrived, I like a caged bird fly freely outside. We is the master of the summer vacation in this summer vacation, we can relax.

  But as for me, we can't get nothing in this summer vacation, every day to travel. Our parents will make sure that our classes, on this day that, mom and dad to take us in the scorching sun of summer. Of course we can't live up to the expectations of my parents and teachers, make this summer have a full and happy. Give yourself "come on" in the summer vacation.

  The beginning of the summer vacation, I booked a summer vacation plan: every morning at 7 a.m. start, every day for three days in the summer vacation homework assignments, and then review the phonetic symbol, listening to the phonetic symbol, the phonetic symbol, and then write an English composition, finally back idioms, idioms. But also want to review what we have learnt before, as the saying goes: consider ".

  Let's have a good this summer, full, happy.

  暑假英語作文 篇38

  Summer vacation life like a colorful dream, like a string of luminous pearl, make the person yearn to desirable. One thing at a time, and have been impressed deeply in my mind, now think of still feel funny!

  Summer arrived, I went back to the south Milwaukee, follow grandpa from 9 o 'clock in the morning to go to the countryside to play, I'm in the city to haven't been to the countryside to play! By the side into the country, with the rice. I went to the destination, the weather is very hot at that time. Cicadas in the tree in the call as if to say: "so hot, so hot......" I have nothing to do, all of a sudden, I thought of a good idea, I went to friends there, said: "go, buddy, let's go to catch cicadas." I agree with. Bring the tool catching cicada, and set off. We are walking by the road, suddenly, I saw a cicada, my eyes at the golden light, I took the nets, shouted: "death!" I'm useless "French" catch it, it has run away. I know from this failure to catch cicada to be careful, don't act rashly. As an old saying goes, "you can't eat hot tofu." The second time, I learned last lesson, I snuck into a tree, then a net, but let it fly away. Third, I netted a cicada, but when put it in a box, no good catch, and flew away. After three times of failure, I finally realize the skill of catching cicada, has caught many cicadas, partners are looking at me, I returned home to eat.

  This summer vacation was very interesting, it brings me a lot of laughter and happy.